A History of Stupidity

One of the best examples of the dangers of irrational thinking is the anti-vaccine movement. They are thoroughly convinced that vaccines are one of the most dangerous inventions of mankind. From autism to outright death, they believe that vaccines will cause them all. It is not uncommon for them to claim that SIDS is an invention designed to cover up the supposed vaccine-induced deaths.

I recently wrote an article for the King’s Tribune magazine about an organisation called the Australian Vaccination Network who purport to be a vaccine information centre but in reality will do their best to wipe out the “scourge” of vaccination.

Needless to say, they are misguided and extremely dangerous. Vaccinations are one of the greatest developments in the history of humanity, having literally saved millions of lives over the last two centuries.

My article gives some of the history of vaccination plus a look at the AVN’s leader, Meryl Dorey and what people are doing to try and stop her.

A History of Stupidity



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2 responses to “A History of Stupidity

  1. I’ve just spent some time in the US and witnessed first-hand how big this issue is there. The anti-vaccine movement is so large, even people who I thought of as “rational” have started to believe in it.

    I met a very well-educated academic who had travelled the world, studied and worked in business. She told me that she likes her child’s doctor because “he doesn’t impose strict rules about vaccination on us and allows me and my baby to make our own choices. It is empowering”. Yikes! They have a big problem.

    • Adam vanLangenberg

      Doctors like that deserve to be out of a job. It sickens me when they allow people to make terrible decisions under the guise of ’empowerment’.

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