Interviewed by Richard Saunders on the Skeptic Zone!

Just coming off my whirlwind tour of the channel Ten studios, Richard Saunders grabbed me for a quick Skype interview for his wonderful podcast, The Skeptic Zone.

Richard is a very special member of the McKinnon Secondary Sceptical Society, being both the initial inspiration for the group and our first guest speaker. The students had such a wonderful time with him and can’t wait to have him back. It was really fantastic being interviewed by him, despite him still suffering from a flu. Get well soon, Richard!

Please check out his podcast, it’s very entertaining and a really wonderful resource for sceptics, particularly Australian ones.

Episode #173 – 11.2.12



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4 responses to “Interviewed by Richard Saunders on the Skeptic Zone!

  1. Loved the interview and your ideas. I also teach a critical thinking course to Talented and Gifted primary school students. My favourite lesson is creating fake UFO photographs. I would like to send you my lesson ideas in exchange for what you are doing here.

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