How does Astrology work?

Today we talked about Astrology and how exactly it’s supposed to work. Pretty much everybody has heard of astrology and understands a little bit about it, but one thing that seems vague is its mechanism. What on Earth (or not on Earth) is actually happening?

One obvious idea is gravity. Somehow the gravity of the stars is meant to influence our decisions and destinies. This isn’t one of the most thrown about ideas because it is so easily debunked. The gravity of the Earth overwhelms every other astronomical body out there that the idea is ridiculous. Even the moon has a minuscule affect on us. Me sitting on my computer is having more influence on you than all of the stars in the zodiac put together.

Astrology powerpoint

The main concept that seems to be believed in is the idea of universal ‘connectedness’. Apparently the planets and stars and UFOs all have some kind of intrinsic connection to us. It’s vague and metaphysical and probably also quantum. It can’t be detected because science isn’t advanced enough. It can’t be disproven because nobody really seems to know what it is. Talk to an astrologer or read a website and you’ll never get a straight answer.

The students were interested in the various theories. One of my girls made a point about the use of the word ‘connected’. She mentioned that economists talk about the world being more connected nowadays and asked why it was ok for them to use it but not the astrologers. She’s one of my most hardcore sceptics and I love how she plays devil’s advocate and questions me in order to further the discussion. Her question led to a chat about the difference between people using a word correctly and people just throwing terms around. It really depends on who is using it and in what context. A physicist saying something is ‘quantum’ is probably trustworthy but I get suspicious when reiki masters use it.

We’ll probably continue the astrology discussion next week. Coming up, placebos!


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