“The Skeptic” magazine article and public appearances

Hello, world.

I’m about to recommend a wonderful magazine to you for two reasons. One is altruistic and the other is shameless attention seeking.

The Skeptic is a quarterly published magazine produced by the Australian Skeptics Inc. It’s over 30 years old and features some incredibly diverse articles on all matters sceptical. Being produced by Australians means that it focuses on issues affecting us specifically, but there is plenty of international news and opinion in there to cater the most well-travelled sceptic.

I highly recommend that you subscribe to this magazine not just for your own sake, but also to support the Australian Skeptics who do an amazing job at promoting science and scepticism and tirelessly fighting against woo. At $44 a year it’s a complete steal.

Also, the latest issue has a feature article written by yours truly titled School of Thought which details some of my experiences and some advice for anybody thinking of following suit. I fully expect my Mum to subscribe for this reason alone.

Additionally, I’ll be giving some public talks throughout the year. They will (obviously) be about the sceptical society and what I’ve learnt from the experience. The dates are:

24th of May, 7:30pm- Humanist Society of Victoria (Balwyn Library, 336 Whitehorse Rd, Balwyn)

5th June, 7:30pm – Mordialloc Skeptics (Mordialloc Sporting Club, 528 Main St, Mordialloc

20th August, 8pm (dinner from 6pm) – Vic Skeptics (La Notte Restaurant, 140 Lygon St, Carlton)

I’d love to see people come along to have a listen and a chat. The more the merrier!


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