Why I am attending the marriage equality rally this Saturday

All of my friends are straight.

All of my family is straight.

I am straight and so is my wife.

Allowing gay people to marry will have absolutely no affect on my life.

But imagine what the world would be like if people only stood up for themselves.

I don’t believe any of this “homosexuality is a choice” crap.

I especially don’t believe that allowing same-sex marriage will lead to people marrying animals, objects and children.

I don’t care what the Bible says about it because not everybody follows the Bible.

I don’t care if homosexuality makes you uncomfortable, that’s your problem, not theirs.

If you feel that marriage equality will threaten your marriage then maybe you need to look at your own relationship.

On Saturday the 12th of May I will be attending the marriage equality rally at the State Library of Victoria along with many other teachers and students from my school. Despite the zero affect this issue will have on my life, it will have major affects on the lives of others. I don’t want to be the type of person who only looks out for themselves.

I am a straight man and I support gay marriage.


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