Why I love what I do

One of my SceptiKids showed me a picture on her phone today:

She’d watched a YouTube video of Michael Shermer debunking James Van Praagh and risked her sanity by reading through the comments. The above comment was worthy of a screen grab, she decided. I asked her to email it to me and she did, along with this comment:

I watched some other videos with James Van Praagh as well. I tried to do what you taught us – keep a tally of how many times he scored and how many times he missed. The misses outnumbered the hits by far, as expected… also, I noticed that most if not all of the hits were general statements, such as “your mother suffered from back problems” or something along those lines. Some of the audience were convinced and shocked everytime he scored but you could tell there were some people who were quite sceptical. Very interesting to watch!!

This is why I love being in a position where I can teach kids about scepticism. This is the quality of the kids we have today. Not just at my school, but at every school. We need to reach more children like this and show them how to think critically and sceptically. How to question and how to look for answers. These are the people who will be running the planet when we’re old and this is one of the kids I’d trust to do it.

But you know what part impresses me the most?

She’s only 13.


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