When students catch you slacking off

So here’s my embarrassing secret. When I started this group I decided to make a website for it. Not a blog like this but a site dedicated to information on the numerous scams, pseudosciences and the like out there. I got about a fraction of a percentage into it and decided to stop. One, because the site would have simply been one in a thousand already in existence and two, it seemed like a lot of work.

The other day one of my kids mentioned that he’d been looking through it and noticed how empty it was. He suggested that instead of leaving it that way I give the kids access to it and let them fill it themselves.


So other than a brief discussion about Neil Armstrong and how silly the “he was killed because he was just about to spill the beans on the moon landing hoax!” conspiracies are, we spent most of the lunchtime discussing the site. The kids have decided to research different topics themselves and write up a page on each. They may even give presentations on them at our meetings.

Hopefully they do as I say and not as I do.

The McKinnon Secondary Sceptical Society website (ex-defunct)


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