Proud teacher moment

As loathe as I am to promote somebody else’s blog (it’s a competition, right?) I have to send you over to The Young Australian Skeptics for three reasons:

1) A fantastic site redesign

2) An edge-of-your-seat exciting interview with yours truly by the wonderful Ted Janet.

3) A fabulous dinner party survival guide written by one of my very own students, Liz Riaikkenen. She attended the National Convention just recently and was a smash hit. Scoring hugs from Richard Saunders, Rebecca Watson and James Randi she hasn’t looked back and has dived right into the sceptical lifestyle. Here’s hoping she sticks with it and doesn’t become swayed by the appeal of unicorns on the other side.



Filed under McKinnon Secondary Sceptical Society

2 responses to “Proud teacher moment

  1. iilegit

    You lied, you said the pschic told you about your child but you stated (go back and reread) you don’t have any children, then later you admitted you have one. People like you need to stop lying just to try to prove a point.

  2. antibac

    But that is septicism for you, bullshit wrapped up in science – it’s for hick town school machine gunners from hell.

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