The Skeptic’s Guide to the Universe – Podcast

These guys are the big guns. Their podcast is listened to over tens of thousands of people around the world, every week. Each episode is a little over an hour long and they each contain interviews, discussions, games and a whole lot of scepticism. I cannot recommend these podcasts highly enough. Definitely worth your time.

The Skeptic’s Guide to the Universe – Forum

The SGU also have a wonderful forum. The posters are very friendly and experienced and will happily all questions.

The Skeptic Zone – Podcast

Richard Saunder’s very own podcast, also featuring other sceptical celebrities such as Dr. Rachie, Eran Segev, Jo Benhamu and Maynard. This is an Australian show so for those looking to get the latest in local scepticism, this is the right place. Also, check out my interview with Richard about my club.

Skeptical Kids

A new site run by Bayani Mills aimed at introducing and promoting scepticism to primary school and high school students.

{teen} Skepchick

Excellent sceptical website run by a group of girls (including Rebecca Watson, my all-time favourite who signed my book and chatted to me about giraffes) that is aimed at teenagers.

Some very easy-to-read articles about different logical fallacies.

The Skeptic’s Dictionary

A very thorough dictionary of all things supernatural. An excellent first resource for information. Also available in book form.

what’s the harm?

The next time somebody says to you “what’s the harm of believing in…?”, send them to this site. It contains hundreds of examples of people who have died or been seriously injured due to their belief in pseudoscience.

MSSS YouTube playlist

This is a collection of videos on YouTube on various topics related to scepticism.

Skeptical Kids

A new blog which provides both scientific and sceptical information aimed towards high school students.


One response to “Links

  1. Just heard your interview on The Skeptic Zone. Good for you! I’m trying to insert more critical thinking activities in my own classroom and you are a great role model. Thanks!

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