On this page are copies of all of the resources I use in my club. They are all free to use but are also copyrighted under my name. Please let me know if you plan on using them. My style of presentation involves making as many jokes as possible so some of these presentations were made with that in mind.

If you have any sceptically themed materials that you think should be shared with the world, please send them to “scepticschool at gmail dot com” and I will upload them onto this page with full credit.


Pareidolia – faces in clouds

Psychic Abilities

ESP PowerPoint presentation

How to be a cold reader

Please note, this presentation is entirely based on Ian Rowlands book, The Full Facts Book of Cold Reading. I cannot recommend this book highly enough if you are interested in cold reading.

The End of the World

Armageddon PowerPoint presentation

December 21st, 2012 (all info from

Logical Fallacies

Logical Fallacies PowerPoint presentation


How to be lucky

Please note, this presentation is entirely based on Richard Wiseman’s book, The Luck Factor and is used with permission. It is also available as a YouTube video: 



External links

JREF Classroom Materials – Currently three classroom materials are available: Do You Have ESP?, The Cottingley Fairies: Examine the Evidence and Dowsing: Science or Pseudoscience? The ESP module is what I ran in my first ever meeting and I can recommend it highly.

Year 7 Critical Thinking Course outline – Debbie Dowden – This is a basic course outline for a critical thinking course aimed at year 7 students. It does not contain any lesson plans or materials but does provide a good outline for a program expected to last a full term.

Here Be Dragons – worksheet – Brian Dunning has a wonderful video called Here Be Dragons which provides an introduction to scepticism and critical thinking. Debbie Dowden has created a worksheets for students for use with the video.

Message in a Bottle – According to the  West Australian newspaper, a message in a bottle travelled from Lancashire to Perth in just six months. This activity provides students with the full experience of researching a dubious claim and attempting to put together a valid explanation of the event. There is a great amount of information here, provided generously by Andrew Walsh. (Zip file, right-click to download)

10 Easy Psychic Lessons – Michael Shermer’s wonderful step-by-step guide to convincing people that you have psychic powers. A wonderful guide that can be used to teach students how easy it really is.

Warning Signs – Barbara Drescher’s guide to detecting bogus research claims. This would be very useful for more senior students.


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